Ukulele classes Leisure Creative

Ukulele classes

Many favourite songs involve the ukulele! Think Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”; “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Train’s Hey, Soul Sister”.  Playing the ukulele is easy and fun, and an ideal introduction to...

01/01/2022 7:00 pm - 31/12/2022 3:00 pm
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Bike groups Leisure Health Community

Bike groups

The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre supports many bike riding groups so that people of different abilities can ride safely in a group and build friendships with people in their community. We have several bike groups to choose from: Monday Low key – 8.30am...

25/01/2022 10:40 am - 10/12/2022 5:40 pm
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Scrabble 2022 Leisure Community

Scrabble 2022

Enjoy the challenge of words playing scrabble. This friendly group welcomes new players – experienced or beginners.  1st 3rd 5th Tuesday of the month from 1pm-4pm. Our SHNC Special Interest Card allows you to pre-purchase 5 sessions to attend Men’s...

01/02/2022 1:00 pm - 06/12/2022 4:00 pm
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2022 Mahjong (Western) Leisure Community

2022 Mahjong (Western)

Join our enthusiastic group and experience the challenges of Western version of this Chinese game. Our SHNC Special Interest Card allows you to pre-purchase 5 sessions to attend Mahjong at the Centre. For each session you attend, your card will be...

04/02/2022 1:30 pm - 09/12/2022 4:00 pm
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2022 Mixed media Leisure Creative

2022 Mixed media

This course will take you in the direction of your inner creativity. Julia McLeish is a professional artist, who guides you through learning basic drawing and painting skills; exploring new mediums, which can then be combined to expand your creative art work. The...

31/01/2022 2:00 pm - 05/12/2022 4:00 pm
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2022 Women’s Reflection Circle Leisure Community

2022 Women’s Reflection Circle

Come together in a relaxed space fortnightly on Tuesday mornings. The Circle provides sacred space for mature women to honour and support each other, share wisdom and life experience and learn from each other. Themes and topics are guided by the Circle’s host and...

01/02/2022 10:00 am - 20/12/2022 11:30 am
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Ukulele classes Leisure

2022 Ukulele – New Beginner – Tuesday

I’ve got my Ukulele, what do I do now?  If you’ve always wanted to play the ukulele, come along and go through the basics and have fun learning three chords that feature in thousands of songs. Come and develop your life-long enjoyment of music in a fun and...

01/02/2022 6:00 pm - 06/12/2022 7:00 pm
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Blokes in the Kitchen 2022 Leisure Community

Blokes in the Kitchen 2022

Blokes in the Kitchen is a great way for men to learn some simple easy-to-cook-at-home recipes in the company of other men. Come along and learn to cook under the guidance of chef Shawn and then share a meal and some great conversation together.  This is a friendly...

25/03/2022 8:00 am - 09/12/2022 1:00 pm
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2022 Foreign Films Leisure Community

2022 Foreign Films

Enjoy a foreign film followed by a discussion and nibbles. Film titles will be advised closer to each screening date. The Foreign Film group is scheduled to meet on the third Thursday of each month, 7.30pm – 10.30pm in the Chandler Room.  Participants are...

17/02/2022 7:30 pm - 17/11/2022 10:30 pm
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Sustainable City Living Leisure Health Community

Sustainable City Living

Join us as we grow, preserve , cook and futurestead our way to a more sustainable way of life.  This new group is led by the wonderful Melissa who will inspire, encourage and walk beside you as you make little changes in your journey to live a more sustainable way of...

15/07/2022 9:00 am - 18/11/2022 10:30 am
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2022 Book Group Tuesday Leisure Community

2022 Book Group Tuesday

Meet other people and build friendships over the discovery of new books that will expand your mind and your world. This group meets the 4th Tuesday of the month (regardless of the school holidays) from 7.30pm – 9pm. Our SHNC Special Interest Card allows you to...

23/02/2021 7:30 pm - 22/11/2022 9:00 pm
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