Needleworkers – NEW Leisure Community

Needleworkers – NEW

Come together in a relaxed space and chat while enjoying the art of needlework: bring along your knitting, crocheting, embroidery or whatever needlework you have on the go. Runs every 2nd Sunday of the month.  

09/02/2020 10:00 am - 08/11/2020 12:00 pm
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Introduction to Gouache ‘Monochrome’ – NEW Creative

Introduction to Gouache ‘Monochrome’ – NEW

Join artist and facilitator Chris as she introduces you to Gouache in this 4 week art course titled ‘Monochrome’.  Learn new skills or refresh existing skills.  Explore painting techniques using monochrome light and dark effects and use a monochrome pallet...

11/02/2020 4:15 pm - 03/03/2020 6:15 pm
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Creating Connections – 2020 Creative Community

Creating Connections – 2020

Creating Connections is a facilitated art program run weekly at Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre each Friday afternoon for participants with Dementia.  The creative process of art has been shown to stimulate curiosity and self-evaluation resulting in overall...

14/02/2020 1:30 pm - 27/03/2020 3:30 pm
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Pilates with a Twist – NEW Health

Pilates with a Twist – NEW

Love Pilates but want to try something a little different? Well now you can! Join accredited fitness instructor, Felipe, in his new concept 6 week fitness program called ‘Pilates with a Twist’. This class combines the best of different worlds: – The...

17/02/2020 5:00 pm - 23/03/2020 6:00 pm
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MuVit or Lose It – NEW Health

MuVit or Lose It – NEW

Why not be the first to try this new program.  A concept like no other!  Join accredited fitness instructor, Felipe, in his new concept 6 week fitness campaign called MuVit! MuVit is about internal and external connection, control and movement.  It is an opportunity...

20/02/2020 5:00 pm - 26/03/2020 6:00 pm
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Ukulele Fast-track – NEW Leisure Creative

Ukulele Fast-track – NEW

Many favourite songs involve the ukulele. Think Elvis, “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You”; “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “Train’s Hey, Soul Sister”. Playing the ukulele is easy and fun and an ideal introduction to learning a...

03/03/2020 6:30 pm - 24/03/2020 7:00 pm
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Make your own Soy Candles – NEW Health Creative

Make your own Soy Candles – NEW

Do you love having candles burning in your home?  Why buy other people’s candles when you can create your own!  You will have the perfect hand made gift for every occasion at the tip of your hands. A candle doesn’t have to be boring! Candles create such a...

15/03/2020 10:00 am
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A Tour of the ASRC – NEW Leisure Community

A Tour of the ASRC – NEW

The Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre is an Asylum Seeker Resource Centre foodbank collection point.  All food products donated by our community are managed and delivered by volunteers.  Have you ever wondered what happens with the food donated to the ASRC?  Well now...

18/03/2020 12:00 pm
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