Individuals, organisations, local groups and businesses are welcome to hire SHNC facilities.

All rooms and buildings are wheelchair accessible.

Supporting Forms


    Other forms that may be required for a booking:


    If the event is for a party for ages 13 – 14 years and 19 – 22 years, you must register your party with the Victorian Police through completing a Police Partysafe Form.

    Please note that we do not take bookings for parties of ages 15 to 18 years inclusive.

    The Partysafe form can be downloaded from, then search for Partysafe.

    Post the Partysafe form to: Boroondara Crime desk, Boroondara Police Station, 34 Harp Road, Kew, 3101.

    Public Liability

    If the Hirer is a business or an ‘Incorporated’ organisation then a copy of your ‘Certificate of Currency for Public Liability’ will be required.

    Payment and booking notes:

    • Payment in full and completion of venue hire forms are required to confirm a booking.
    • We do not take bookings for parties of ages 15 to 18 year olds inclusive, unless at the Manager’s discretion.
    • A bond of $500 is required for all bookings, except for parties for ages 13-14 and 19 to 22 years where a $1000 bond applies. This can be left as credit card details or a cheque.
    • All or part of the bond will be forfeited by the Hirer in the event of property damage, overstaying hire time period, additional caretaker visits, incomplete cleaning of venue, leaving rubbish, nuisance or noise caused to neighbours or loss of our community goodwill. NOTE: A $75 fee will be deducted from the bond if rubbish is disposed of in SHNC, or neighbouring bins, including inappropriate disposal in traders bins.
    • Minimum booking period of 5 hours after 5pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.
    • Total hire time must include setting-up time and packing-up/cleaning time. Hirers cannot come in to the building before their hire time or any other time without the permission of SHNC.

    Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre (SHNC) site plan

    Door access code

    • Instructions for entry into the building, the door access code and the Caretaker’s telephone number (for urgent problems) will be emailed one week prior to the date of hire.

    What is provided and included in the hire fee?

    We recommend hirers use disposable or hired crockery, cutlery and glasses. Some basic equipment is available (please wash/put away after use):

    • Small amount of miscellaneous crockery, cutlery, and coffee mugs and plastic platters.
    • Dishwashing liquid
    • Small number of baking trays and pans
    • Brooms, dust pan and brush, mop, bucket and floor cleaning liquid, vacuum.

    What hirers should provide, if required

    • All refreshments including tea, coffee and milk.
    • Crockery and cutlery and glasses (disposable or hired).
    • Tea towels, baking paper, garbage bags to take away rubbish.
    • Additional items as needed.
    • Equipment for events can be hired from companies such as:
      Place Settings and Harry the Hirer

    Heating and air-conditioning

    • Chandler Room: Air conditioning and heating is available. Instructions and remote control are on the wall.
    • The Cottage: Heating is available. Instructions and control pad in the hallway.

    Toy hire

    • Outdoor children’s toys are available for hire at an extra charge of $30.00 per event.
    • Toys include: two Little Tykes ride-on cars, 3 small ride on toys, small slide, wheelbarrows, lawn mower, mini rocker, shopping trolley and a small basketball ring.


    • Helium balloons are not permitted to be used within the Centre. Regular balloons are acceptable.
    • Streamers and banners can be used, we recommend using ‘blu tac’ for putting up decorations.
    • All decorations and ‘blu tac’ must be removed at the end of the event.

    No smoking policy

    • Smoking is not permitted in any area of the SHNC buildings and grounds.

    Alcohol policy

    • Hirers can apply to SHNC to consume alcohol whilst on the premises – please complete and return to SHNC the ‘Application to Consume Liquor on Council Property’ Form that is included in this pack.
    • If alcohol is to be sold, then Liquor Licensing Victoria must be contacted (1300 650 367) and a Liquor
      Licence obtained.
    • Responsible serving of alcohol regulations and guidelines must be observed. Alcohol must not be consumed by persons under 18 years of age.

    Other party information

    • We do not take bookings for parties of ages 15 to 18 year olds, unless at the Manager’s discretion
    • Please respect other users of the Centre and our neighbours particularly in relation to noise.
    • Music must be kept at a reasonable volume with consideration to our neighbours. Music must finish
      at 10.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays and 10pm from Sundays to Thursdays.
    • SHNC does not provide barbecue facilities.
    • Jumping castles and animal farms are not permitted within the Centre.

    Before leaving the centre

    Please vacate the premises promptly at the end of your hire time. The caretaker will conduct a post-hire check after your booking.

    • Clean rooms used. Sweep and mop floors where appropriate, wipe surfaces, replace chairs and tables and leaving the room in a tidy.
    • Remove all decorations and take rubbish home.
    • Turn off kitchen equipment, lights, heater/air-conditioner.
    • Lock and secure all external doors.

    Conclusion times

    All cleaning up must be completed within the room hire period and in line with the times indicated below.

    Sunday to Thursday

    • Conclusion of Function and Music: 10:00pm
    • Cleaning complete and Venue vacated – 10:30pm

    Friday and Saturday

    • Music and function to finish – 10.30pm
    • Guests to have left by – 11:00pm
    • Cleaning complete and Venue vacated – 12:00am

    Cancellation policy

    Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre adheres to the following policy regarding the cancellation of bookings. We cannot reschedule bookings at the last minute due to a change in personal circumstances.

    • Cancellations received more than 4 weeks prior to the booking date. Full Refund
    • Cancellations received between 1 week and 4 weeks prior to the booking date. 50% Refund
    • Cancellations received less than 1 week prior to the booking date. No Refund

    General policies

    • All hire is subject to the discretion of SHNC Management. Hirers are required to adhere to SHNC venue hire policies. The SHNC Management Committee grants the Hirer a non-exclusive licence to use the facility (including furniture & fittings, for their usual purpose) in accordance with the terms of the agreement and for the period of hire that has been booked. The SHNC Committee reserves the right to cancel a booking with at least 8 weeks’ notice
    • The Management Committee reserves the right to review hire fees at any time and apply the new rate to any booking, current or future, from date of change.
      Surrey Hills Neighbourhood Centre is a child safe organisation and is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. We expect all groups and organisations who hire our rooms to comply with the requirements of the Commission for Children and Young People Act 2012 and to adhere to the Child Safe Standards if required to do so. A copy of our policy can be found on our website.

    In the event of an emergency

    The Hirer is responsible for ensuring adequate procedures are followed in the event of an emergency. Depending on the situation this may include some or all of the following:

    • Contact Emergency Services – Dial 000 for Ambulance, Fire or Police services.
      Our address is:
      Chandler Room: 157 Union Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127 Melways: Page 46 H11
      The Cottage:  1 Bedford Avenue Surrey Hills Vic 3127
    • Assist any person if safe to do so. Administer First Aid as appropriate.
    • First Aid Kits are located in the Chandler Kitchen and the Cottage Kitchen.
    • Alert office staff if emergency is during office hours, notify the caretaker if outside office hours.
    • If necessary conduct an emergency evacuation of all persons using the nearest safe exit. Diagrams
      of emergency exits and procedures are displayed in all rooms. Everyone should assemble in the Front Cottage Garden and not re-enter the building. The Hirer should account for all the people in attendance. The Hirer should be aware of anyone who has an issue with mobility or an impairment which could affect their ability to be aware of or escape in an emergency.


    • No responsibility or liability is implied or accepted in relation to the property or personal effects of hirers or their guests or participants during the hire period at SHNC.
    • Hirers are responsible for any damage caused to the premises or property. The costs of repair or replacements will be taken from the bond in the first instance, and if the cost is greater than the bond then the Hirer will be liable for any additional cost.
    • Hirers may use only the space they have hired, plus toilets and grounds of the Centre. The user/s shall occupy, use and keep the premises at the risk of the Hirer in all respects and hereby releases to the full extent permitted by law, the Management Committee, the Boroondara Council and their respective servants and agents, from all claims and demands of every kind resulting from any accident, damage or injury to persons or personal property within. The user/s shall not neglect to do or permit to be done or leave undone anything which will affect the Centre and Council’s Insurance Policy/ies to the extent that such policies are affected through any such act of commission or omission.