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  • Current COVID Restrictions and Centre Operations
    The Centre will reopen on Monday 2 August with restrictions in place. Our Strength Training Classes will remain online until further notice, activities with maximum group sizes of 10 + instructor/group leader will resume face to face. Thank you for your understanding. […]
  • Futuresteading: Workshop with Instagram Sensation Jade Miles

    Sunday 12 September at 12 noon

    Jade Miles is an Instagram & podcasting sensation! Come along for an amazing workshop exploring practical and inspirational ways of living that values tomorrow: a slower, simpler, steadier existence that is healthier for you, your home, and the environment. […]
  • Live like tomorrow matters: the series

    Tuesdays 20 July - 17 August 10am-11am

    Practical tips and tricks for living more sustainably as a city dweller. This program covers topics from how and where to shop to reduce your footprint, how to eat well using food you grow yourself as well as tips for living a life that’s more in harmony with the natural ebb and flow of seasonality. […]

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